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I really can't handle it when people post these facebook status updates that are all rant and like three paragraphs long. They just go on forever spewing hate or angst, or teen hate disguised as angst. They rave and holler about someone they broke-up with us yesterday and are sure to get back with tomorrow or about skool or 'drama' and haters. PLUS, they're not even a language I can read. dOEs tHiS lOoK LykE eNgLiSh 2 u?


com'mere February.

I should be getting my new laptop sometime after the new year.
I should be using my livejournal more after I get my new laptop.
I'm taking a five-week five-unit math class over break.
2011 can't come soon enough.


up. up. Sister calling. Needs a ride to work.
have 20 minutes to leave.
Get Mom dressed. Get Booger dressed.
get my dressed.
Out the door, zoom zoom.
She's not ready - wait 25 minutes.
start making dinner - grilling chicken
veggie soup with an add-in chicken option.
roomie ( the_stuffy ) shows-up.
leave the room and Mom eats half the chicken.
Dad gets home.
talk finances with my roomie and Dad - separately.
my Aunt calls, haven't heard from her in 2 years and have been worried.
roomie heads to work.
I head to Fresh'n'Easy
snacks for this weekends road trip and more veggies for the soup.
groceries for the house.
put groceries away.
finish making soup. put rolls in the oven. add chicken to meat eaters soup.
serve dinner.
head to internet to try to work.
Dad goes to bed. Mom goes to bed.
I eat. Boog runs and runs.
pajama time for her. watch part of Coraline. read her new "Tangled" book.
put her to sleep.
work online. read too much perverted justice. waste time.
Boog wakes up in a panic.
notice all the dishes in the sink.
dream about sleeping.

hopefully next:
dishes. (not hopefully, but necessary)
roomie comes home.

style wise.


black and white/grey stripes
monogrammed sweaters
pencil skirts
boat neck sweaters
bicycle screened shirts
pants that stop above my ankles (cigarette pants)
knee high socks
circle skirts
purple, mustard, black, burgundy
pink, browns, cream
beanie/beret things.
horror movie themed shirts
layers upon layers
30" necklaces
cross body bags
bracelets that clankity clank clank
and a whole lotta not you.

moving. moving. moving. forward.

I have 40 collapsed boxes, two packed.
I got a new computer - a bitchin custom one for gaming and graphics.
We have a new DVR coming Tuesday, and once we move a new giant TV.
And we scored a brand new beautiful RED L-shaped corner couch from Pottery Barn.
Shipping from Costco, I'm getting a new metal storage rack for all my scrapbooking stuff - on wheels!

We're house hunting every weekend.
I'm going to school just two days a week.
and I'm down to just one kid that I babysit.

wow. changes.

speaking of changes and new things once we move I'm getting:
a new bed. (SQUEE!) I don't need a new bed, but mines going in the guest room.
bedside tables, which is extra exciting. Possibly one bed side table and one vintage media storage thing - it's a record player table essentially
and a small (ish) flat screen for my room - no dish/cable, just for DVD watching. That way I won't end up all cracked out at 3am watching Kardashians reruns or something absurd like that.
Can't think of anything else I need/want.

But MORE exciting than that, Bella's getting:
a new canopy princess bed - which is what Stuffy and I both wanted when we were kids.
and a bunch of princess art for her room. There are three canvases and they all correspond to each other. The biggest one is 24x36 or something and it has a crown painted on it. The smaller two square panels are more intricate. One has a prince one his knee in front of a princess and the other has a carriage on it. They're generic too, which means she doesn't have to pick a Princess, especially since she hasn't yet.
and MOST exciting is this giant wooden Toy box that's also a bench - it's SO cute I want it for me. It's pink and purple and the back of it has a heart with a crown on it. The front of the stroage part is fancy script says, "The Crown Jewels." heh. adorable.

and maybe, possibly, lastly, we might be getting a PIANO.

whew. okay, now back to work.


new TiVo shenans.

And, because we're getting a new, bigger, better DVR we're going to be losing these gems off of our system:

Beyond the sea
Cool runnings
Jennifer’s body
the 2nd season of True Blood
a butt ton of Gossip Girl
3 episodes Entourage
Sleeping with the Enemy

and more...Collapse )

They wanted to do an new install tomorrow cause we have an uppity account or some junk, but we bumped them til Tuesday so we have the weekend to try to cram and watch some stuff. ahh.
Moving/packing/shopping is intense.


"The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live." - George Carlin


Until disposable sanitary pads were created, cloth or reusable pads were widely used to collect menstrual blood. Women often used a variety of home-made menstrual pads which they crafted from various fabrics, leftover scraps, grass, or other absorbent materials, to collect menstrual blood.[1] Many probably used nothing at all.[7] Even after disposable pads were commercially available, for several years they were too expensive for many women to afford.[8] When they could be afforded, women were allowed to place money in a box so that they would not have to speak to the clerk and take a box of Kotex pads from the counter themselves



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